Risk Management


Financial risks are diverse and complex. We help clients develop or enhance their risk management functions to keep pace with their changing external environments and customer needs.


Risk management needs arise as organizations grapple with issues such as:

  • how is your business environment changing?
  • what new financial market need are you trying to address?
  • are you equipped to identify, assess and manage the risks arising from your new activities?
  • can you protect your reputational capital in foreseen and unforeseen circumstances?
  • are your credit and financial systems up to the task?

They key is to build on existing frameworks and processes in a way that you and your staff can understand and implement.  Each organization is unique, with its own culture, language, and priorities.  Enhanced risk management helps elevate your game in a tailored, risk-appropriate way, with improved decision-making and governance.

Crystalus takes an integrated, staged approach with clients.  We recognize that successful solutions require not only the right tools, procedures, policies and structural enhancements; they also depend on raised awareness, common understanding, and consistent application of risk practices.



Solutions vary from client to client, but typically involve some combination of operational enhancements including Risk Committees, asset allocation models, risk policies/procedures, and refined processes.  In all cases, these are implemented in an integrated manner, often staged according to strategic milestones.  Key results are monitored and measured.

Just as important is the concurrent training/mentoring we provide to clients.  Time and time again, clients call us back for hands-on, case-oriented, company-specific training workshops. These sessions ensure that staff is exceptionally well-positioned to immediately apply relevant concepts in their day-to-day work.

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